Products: wave data, model code, documentation, course work ...

IOWAGA produces several kinds of wave-related information. Technical information about computer codes, model results and wave observations can be found on the Ifremer Gforge ww3 wiki.


  • 2013 training course in Brest, France. Will start on November 4. More information here...  
  • wave model results in numerical form. Go here for the full archive.  Model results are organized by grid: the whole world up to 80°N (GLOBAL), and  higher resolution zooms in specific areas: Mediterranean - MED, Black Sea - BS, Western Caribbean - CRB, East Pacific, Hawaii and Tuamotus - PACE, New Caledonia and Vanuatu -NC, Iroise Sea - IROISE. For each model grid a wide range of parameters is provided: the full list of output parameters is described here.
  • wave observations from experiments at sea. Go here for the full archive
  • software tools in Fortran, Matlab, IDL and shell for the manipulation of model runs, results, and wave observations
  • Tutorials and practical material for using wave data...


For the WAVEWATCH III code, please contact NOAA/NCEP.


Examples of zooms for wave observations used by Previmer.

finistere swell map


WAVEWATCH III is a numerical model that integrates the wave action equation. It is based on a spectral representation of the sea state.... What?